Stellar Users Now Have the Opportunity to Earn NFTS on the Network

Stellar Users Now Have the Opportunity to Earn NFTS on the Network

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Users of the Stellar (XLM) network and the owners of the Stellar Lumens coins now have the chance to earn NFTs by solving challenging quests on the Network.

Earlier in the previous week, the Stellar organization made an announcement on Twitter about the launch of a program called Stellar Quest Learn

This program is a new educational gamified experience and was created to help people have fun while learning.

The participants of the games on this network get to complete difficult quests that get harder as the players go higher on the network to earn NFTs.

This innovation has come as a solution to the increasing need for education and awareness about Cryptocurrency.

There was a recent poll issued by Wired, a top crypto platform based in the UK, and the Stellar Development Foundation regarding Cryptocurrency.

The survey proved that many people are tired of the present payment systems used in different parts of the world. As a result, many people are willing to change to Cryptocurrency as a payment method. In all, the survey showed that crypto awareness is getting higher.

So, to foster this awareness and also ease the confusions that a couple of crypto network users have, Stellar has decided to make it easier with this gaming system.

Another thing that makes it a win situation for the users is that alongside the knowledge they’ll gain, they can also win NFTs.

Of course, who wouldn’t be interested in this?